Construction with recycled aggregate

With legislations getting tighter there is a growing pressure to use crushed aggregates made from demolition waste instead of fresh gravel and rock aggregates. There is a need to construct with products made from recycled materials that doesn’t differ from construction with gravel and rock aggregates. With ever developing standards for recycled crushed aggregates customers need mobile crushers that are reliable, easy to maintain and economical, with lowest cost/ton.

A rising number of material processing projects are situated in city centers from where transporting distances to processing plants can be long, making transportation an expensive affair. Procession of these materials can also be expensive as dumping costs are ever climbing higher and the impact on the environment is inevitable. With prices of metals also steadily rising, it is of growing importance to our customers to be able to process materials efficiently so that all possible metals can be collected for further use, resulting in a lower need for raw metal usage and higher profits.


Recycling is a profitable and environmentally friendly solution

Because there is a need for new environmentally sustainable, economical alternatives for recycled material crushing especially in smaller sites, WHITE LAI mobile jaw plants and mobile impactor plants are especially designed to meet these requirements.

With crushing happening on site transportation and fuel costs decrease drastically, cutting down emissions and making crushing more profitable. The added benefit of reducing waste leads to a smaller need for new dumping ground space and less consumption of raw materials.

WHITE LAI’s mobile jaw and impactor plants are equipped with an over-band magnet to separate metals from the end product. impactor plants are well equipped to crush asphalt also in warmer climates.

By using WHITE LAI jaw and impactor crusher plants waste can be made into sellable products while preserving the environment.