WS/WH cone crusher
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The WHITE LAI WS/WH cone crusher has undergone extensive upgrades optimizing its operations at all levels. The enhancements cover the entire crusher: feed hopper, top shell, bottom shell and main shaft/head center.

Robust design and extended life

• The top shell has been reinforced to meet the great demands from the quarry and mining customers. Developed in our latest software, its brand-new design offers smoother radiuses to decrease tensions.Furthermore, the spider cap diameter has been increased to protect the spider hub.
• Increased clamping force to secure the spider cap on the top shell.
• The feed hopper is bolted with lock nuts and has a reinforced fourpiece design granting it increased stability. In addition, it has a larger and robust inspection hatch.
• The bottom shell has a fi ve-arm instead of three-arm design, providing the eccentric hub with a stronger support and achieving overall greater sturdiness.
• The inspection hatch on the bottom shell is made in PU instead of steel and includes a wear indicator.
• Cylindrical and stronger fi t between the head center and the main shaft to meet the great demands from quarry and mining customers.
• Deeper cavity in the top of the spider cap – easier for the rock to build up and protect the spider cap.
• The top shell is prepared for optional TT5 sensor (PT100 transducer)
– monitoring the temperature in the spider bearing thus offering protection of the spider bearing and preventing major failure.

Better throughput and optimal productivity

• Larger breathing tube to allow free fl ow of air in/out in the spider bearing, preventing clogging to take place.
• The spider arms are lifted up creating more room for the material to fl ow into the chamber.
• An optional level indicator is available for a better control of the level in the feed hopper. This radar sensor in K-band technology performs continuous level measurements which are very precise and make it possible to adjust the material level within small variations.

Reduced vibration and noise

The WHITE LAI WS/WH cone crusher is equipped with Sandvik lightweight polymer linings for wear protection and noise reduction, better working environment and longer wear life. The linings are easy to install and to change.
• Inspection door protected with rubber.
• Module rubber system in feed hopper.
• Cone plates with rubber in feed hopper.
• Rubber sideliners and arm liners in bottom shell.
• All rubber components are possible to recycle.
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