Fine Material Washer
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  • Lower Stub Assembly
Fine material washer’s exclusive adjustable screw shaft allows you to control the clearance between the belly pan and the screw flights and accommodates up to 3/4 inch aggregate in the Fine Material Dewatering Screw. The heat-treated shaft is fitted into a stainless steel wear sleeve and fitted with a heavy-duty rubber gasket that fits snugly between the seal retainer and tub. A specially designed slinger fits  perpendicular to the shaft between the roller bearing and sleeve and turns with  the shaft, adding protection to the outboard bearing and preventing bearing failure that may result from seal leakage. The outboard bearing design allows for easy access and maintenance.

  • Motor and Drive Assembly
The shaft-mounted gear reduction is totally enclosed within an oil-bath gearbox. Designed for easy service and maintenance, you can custom tailor the washing action of your material with a simple change of the drive pulley on the motor. All standard electric motors are 230/460 volt, 3-phase, 60 cycle. fine material washer uses standard off-the-shelf, fully enclosed, Falk or Dodge gear-box drive units, which can be serviced in all metropolitan cities.

  • Heavy-Duty Tub, Feed Box and Baffle
Heavy steel plate with angle iron skid frame, the large tub allows for maximum weir length and sand recovery. Adjustable weirs on the three-sided overflow area can be set to level the overflow and ensure the retention of the fine sand. The feed box and baffle are designed to effectively control the velocity of the aggregate being introduced into the screw tub and prevent the loss of fines. Efficient overflow distribution reduces the turbulence within the pool area, allows for the uniform flow of material and prevents fine sand from flushing out with the over flow water.

  • Torque Arm Speed Reducers
Fine material washer uses the leading shaft mounted speed reducers. Rugged, cast-iron provides a corrosion-resistant housing for positive gear alignment. The helical design of the gear teeth feature a softer core  to resist shock loads and provide a 98.5% efficiency rating per set  of gears. In order to keep dirt and grime out and oil in, the reducers are sealed with metallic double-lip seals. This all adds up to a torque arm speed reducer that assures long life and trouble free service.

  • Steel Shaft and Flights
The spiral type half-pitch steel screw flights are welded to the heavy seamless tubular steel shaft. Each spiral flight is placed on the shaft to ensure a uniform spiral movement of the material. Adjusting your screw shaft speed allows for maximum capacity and tailors the washing action upon your material.

  • Rising Current Belly Pan
Rising current water enters the pool from the bottom of the perforated belly pan and filters up, separating fines, dirt and other extraneous matter that is then carried to the top and forced out with the overflow. The curved belly pan allows for efficient classification, and provides you with a properly dewatered sand material.


Aggregate Field, Concrete Mixing Plant, Dry Mortar Plant Desulfurization, Quartz Sand etc.
Fine Material Washer is a kind of wheeled washing equipment, and can clean and separate the dust and powder from the sand. Its new seal-structure and reliable driving device can make sure the cleaning effect and a kind of high efficiency sand washing equipment matched with the sand making machine.

Model Screw diameter
Length of tube
Selected size
Screw rotation speed
Water consumption
Overall dimension
LSX915 915 7585 ≤10 100 21 11 10-80 6.2 8500×2950×1930
2LSX915 915 7585 ≤10 200 21 2×11 20-160 11.5 8420×3765×2030
LSX1115 1115 9782 ≤10 175 17 15 20-150 10.9 10970×3945×4720
2LSX1115 1115 9782 ≤10 350 17 2×15 40-300 17.94 10970×5250×4720
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