The knowledge is power. WHITE LAI  engineers and field service representatives to our customers Tuition FAQ, to impart knowledge to enhance their strength, help customers increase productivity, shorten equipment downtime and reduce repair times and the use of more efficient operation, to help customers extend equipment uptime and reduce operating costs.

Learn and master the operation and maintenance of appropriate methods WHITE LAI equipment maintenance. Our training courses specifically for maintenance personnel, operators, foremen, supervisors and managers, and field and other personnel directly engaged in work related to WHITE LAI's equipment and settings. Our training courses can help customers improve profitability, because our training programs help customers improve productivity and reduce equipment downtime.

Share design, operation and maintenance experience with customers

We explain in detail the basic concepts of equipment design, purpose, principle and essential equipment maintenance program. Symposia can contribute to the site operators, maintenance and engineering and technical personnel to discuss equipment problems, solutions and improvements.

Training conducted in WHITE LAI

For the different needs of mining and construction, this training course will be held in the WHITE LAI training facilities. Our experts will carry out a comprehensive explanation Metso, topics include operating principles, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and technical upgrading.

Training conducted at the customer site

After a thorough mechanical training course, we will explain all the equipment for the customer site. Our training experts will be based on the specific requirements of customers, customized training courses, covering equipment operation, predictive maintenance and preventive maintenance and troubleshooting.