Experience has shown that regular inspections help to achieve quality, quantity and time of production targets. Regular checks help prevent mechanical and electrical failures, to avoid a direct impact on equipment operation rate and productivity.

Trust and rely on WHITE LAI's customer service team, allows customers to gain maximum benefit from our actions.


Preventive measures

Usually WHITE LAI equipment inspection contract, can significantly reduce customers' operating costs:

●   Cost savings guarantee - the cost of prevention is far lower than the cost of repairs or the purchase of new equipment investments;

●   Optimize the production efficiency of the equipment throughout the life cycle;

●   Dependence team of experts can assist you in planning preventive maintenance and optimize the performance of wear parts.

WHITE LAI Materials Technology - beneficiation and minerals processing

By introducing innovative materials technology solutions, WHITE LAI Materials Technology performance in harsh operating environments beneficiation and minerals processing applications excellent wear parts last longer.

All WHITE LAI spare parts and wear are using high-quality materials, tools and techniques, and in accordance with specific design parameters are carefully designed and manufactured.


Full equipment inspection

WHITE LAI's equipment comprehensive inspection program extends the content and scope of our services, including checking and observation equipment during operation, check the device's internal situation, spare parts and wear parts ordering recommendations to improve the operation rate and service life of equipment .

Comprehensive inspection equipment condition is to systematically check and save condition records in order to predict possible future failures, thus ensuring longer equipment life, in order to maintain the applicability of the device in harsh operating conditions.
During operation inspection

Equipment operation, many operating parameters need to be checked, including unusual noise, vibration, overheating, component failure, the vibration, the abnormal current consumption, idle and load power consumption, the impact of current and percussion, the relative travel between mating parts Gap and so on.

Therefore, equipment condition and the equipment is idle load operating conditions of a comprehensive inspection, can provide important clues about the device, may help predict and / or unavoidable failure.

Check dismantling

Implementation dismantling checks to help carry out a visual inspection of the individual components, such as scratches, burning, small cracks, wear limit, damage, and component fatigue and seat gap measurement.

Meanwhile, according to the clues provided by the equipment is running, but also helps to get the logical conclusion.


Check Period

The various components of the device are designed for harsh working conditions, the impact of abnormal loads and design. Therefore, the optimal condition inspection period should be: check once every six months.

Recommended equipment inspection time Since the device when replacing the liner must stop. Therefore, replacing the cone and jaw crusher liner while for device health check.

When replacing the liner, the situation can be assessed components and visual inspection equipment internals.